Life Beyond Shame

Re-writing shame-based rules helps us trust ourselves more and makes us less vulnerable to being hooked by people wanting us to BE and DO their way.

It’s hard to do something about a potential hazard twisting its way through our relationships unless we can recognize it when we see it.

This book is an exploration of how shame and some familiar rules we’ve lived by, go together. Life Beyond Shame begins with the author’s point of view about shame: what it is, how it originates, its purpose, and how it’s been passed to us.

More importantly, this book is about a way out of shame we can put into effect in the course of everyday life. When we see what’s behind the curtain and decide which of the Old Rules contort our relationships, we can fix them. Putting the New Rules into practice makes it very hard to go back. And it isn’t hard to do.

The shame rules don’t have to run our lives. Simply putting the Old and New Rules on the refrigerator or bulletin board is a good start. That puts the rules front and center so we can choose to use what supports, rather than undermines us. Remember this: You are enough, and always have been.